Our silver jewelery

is made piece by piece

by adults and

completely handmade.


Our textile products

come from craft workshops

that use traditional manner 

of production.


Our Indian suppliers produced natural incenses, esential oils,

burning incense and oils, textiles, clothes, complements,

statues, boxes, scarfs, bags, coin purses and lots of handicraft.

Contacte /Contacto/  Contact:

Montsió 4
08002 Barcelona

Tel: 933181528


Pots contactar amb nosaltres per e-mail o omplint el nostre formulari de contacte.


Puedes contactar con nosotros por email o a través de nuestro formulario de contacto.


You can contact us by email or filling out our contact form.


De dilluns a dissabte

d' 11.00 a 20.30.

No tanquem al migdia. 


De lunes a sábado

de 11 a 20:30.

No cerramos a mediodía.


Monday to Saturday

11:00 to 20:30 nonstop